Hefez & Sons Jewelers

Hefez and Sons Jewelers was founded in 1980, and is a third generation family run business. Ishak Hefez with his four sons and their wives have dedicated the past three decades to becoming a leading Boston direct diamond and fine jewelry designer. Located on the 7th floor of the Boston’s famous Jeweler’s Building, Hefez & Sons’ headquarters was the first of four locations to open. With additional stores in Sharon, Mansfield, and Walpole, Massachusetts. Hefez & Sons offers an extensive inventory of bridal rings and accessories that meet a strict standard of excellence.

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word “Adamas” which means unbreakable. At Hefez & Sons we have an unbreakable commitment to you, our customers in providing the highest quality craftsmanship and the lowest possible cost to you. We devote our time to understand your needs and desires to customize the perfect pieces that will leave you breathless with each wear. We take pride in delivering fine jewelry that will become family heirlooms.